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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is Science Even Capable?

(This blog series continues what I have been addressing the last two weeks – namely, asserting the Bible to be the authoritative, inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of/from God, over and against contemporary objections.)

Last week, we caste some doubt on the commonly held belief that (the worldview of) evolutionary science can conclusively prove the material universe is all there is. I pray such “doubt” would be used by the Holy Spirit to cause this worldview fortress of unbelieving neighbors, friends, and relatives with whom we dialogue about the gospel to crumble, and the cornerstone of God’s end-time Temple – Jesus Christ – to take residence at the center of their hearts.

Today I’d like to delve further into this topic of the battle of beliefs – namely, evolutionary science and Scripture – by asking some questions: is science even capable of disproving the truthfulness of Christianity? why should science be the gauge whereby the Bible is judged in any or the sum of its parts? why must Christianity even submit itself to the cultural “authority” of science to gain credibility? The late and brilliant Carl F.H. Henry asks – and provides answers with – similar questions.

“If science only gives us laboratory results for achieving certain operational results, and…does not tell us what is objectively possible or impossible in the present world, why…should science be viewed as able to tell us what was possible in the biblical past? Why indeed should science then be considered qualified to formulate the express conditions under which theology may speak persuasively about ultimate reality? The Christian is under no requirement, imposed by this world or the next, to accept at face value every claim made in behalf of science.” – Carl F.H. Henry God, Revelation and Authority, Vol. I: God Who Speaks and Shows (206-07)

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