The gospel is…the word about Jesus Christ and what he did for us in order to restore us to a right relationship with God. – Graeme Goldsworthy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Right and Wrong Kind of Fear

Most human beings struggle with fear. Conversion to Christ doesn’t take this completely away, though it ought to alleviate the degree to which we once struggled with it. For all of us, it’s a life-long battle that’s to be waged through the power of the cross of Christ. Part of that battle is recognizing what kind of fear is driving us, and this is discerned through a biblically informed, Holy Spirit controlled intellect. Additionally, the wisdom of godly individuals helps as well, which is why I appreciate the following quote – an excerpt from two of five points on fear (hence the numbers before each point). I hope it helps you discern fear in your life – because fear drives all of us.

There is fear that causes you to be watchful and to protect…people…from the dangers of the real evil that exists both inside and outside of them. Eyes-wide-open, gospel-driven, sin-warring fear that at the same time rests in the grace of Jesus is a very good way to live in a world that itself is still groaning, waiting for redemption.

Fear can overwhelm your senses. It can distort your thinking. It can kidnap your desires. It can capture your meditation so that you spend more time worrying about what others think than about what God has called you to be. Fear can cause you to make bad decisions quickly and fail to make good decisions in the long run. Fear can cause you to distrust people you have reason to trust. It can cause you to be demanding rather than serving. It can cause you to run when you should stand and to stay when you really should run. Fear can make God look small and your circumstances loom large. Fear can make you seek from people what you will only get from the Lord. Fear can be the soil of your deepest questions and your biggest doubts. Your heart was wired to fear, because you were designed to have a life that is shaped by fear of God. But horizontal fear cannot be allowed to rule your heart, because if it does, it will destroy you. – Paul David Tripp, Dangerous Calling (128)

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