The gospel is…the word about Jesus Christ and what he did for us in order to restore us to a right relationship with God. – Graeme Goldsworthy

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I don't have much to say...but others do.

Much of the reason I wanted to start a blog was not to share my own wisdom (what little I have), but the wisdom of others. As a pastor, I think one of the most crucial things I can do is read (along with cultivating a vibrant prayer life). Reading is a regular part of my day - usually in the morning. More times than I can count while reading last year, I'd think, "That is such a good quote! I'd love to share that with as many people as I can!" Voila, blogging. So, prepare to be blessed when you read "Gripped by the Gospel" - not by what I write - but by what others have written. I don't have much to say...but others do.

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  1. Did you edit this one? I thought when I read it the first time it had quotes from John Piper and others. Maybe it was a different post?